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We prefer to have an initial personal discussion with you either by text, email, or phone call to pinpoint the services you seek. We then formulate an agreed upon program for your property. The next step is interviewing our list of fully vetted contractors and securing their estimate for the services needed. Those estimates are then presented to you and you can choose or refine the requirements. Full flexibility is given at all times.

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Kay Cheesman

At age 5 Kay decided she liked being in business for herself. Her first job? For $0.05 Kay would pick up her father's desk trash can (metal mesh with handles) and wield it over her shoulder. A sight to see as the trash can was only a little smaller than Kay herself. In Kay's active pretend like mind she would become one of the city's sanitation workers picking up the trash. From room to room she would go collecting the household trash. The final destination? The City Dump aka the kitchen trashcan where her father would take over from there. Kay would be paid her $0.05 cents and then watch as her father took the inside trash to the outside trashcan and place it near the street for collection.

Once her sanitation business was well established it was time to branch out into other businesses. At age 6 she joined her older brother in the car wash and lawn mowing businesses. She earned $0.25 per car and $2.00 per yard for her services. But Kay knew early on this was not the entire picture. She learned to also give back, so as a service to neighbors she would for no charge haul away by hand Christmas trees after Christmas and put them to good use. Kay became a builder using horticultural products. Kay would build a fort! From her efforts she landed an article with the local newspaper. From there her entrepreneurial efforts increased.

Over the next several years Kay spent her time preparing for KC Horticultural Solutions. She learned through sports how to be a team player. She learned through education how to use science and math to achieve maximum results. Through outdoor adventure she learned self reliance and how to work with Mother Nature. From life's ups and downs she learned patience, confidence, humility and resourcefulness. And as people came into her life she learned about the seasons and roots. Those in her life for a season taught Kay many things and are cherished memories and lessons. They allowed Kay's branch structure to develop. To grow to maximum height while still maintaining a healthy core one must never underestimate the root requirement. Kay's roots? Simply stated, they grow and are firmly held by a lifetime relationship with her best friend Melissa. Melissa has been there from the tree forts, through the exhilaration of life's successes, and carried Kay through the fires. Greater love has no person than to lay down their life for a friend. Although miles separate the two now, which for years was only a few blocks, this friendship remains. The two conduct their lives in kindness toward others. Melissa is an unprecedented solitary soul sister of the universe. Kay Cheesman is a rare individual who you can fully trust to provide you with the best options possible. Honesty and integrity are always the guides. Friendship and kindness are the roots.

Our Pointnaut (Leader)